It’s crazy how fast things change. Most real estate agents are turning to modern ways of advertising their properties through virtual tours. Not everyone is capable of producing high-quality shots to attract potential buyers. Experts say that as the number of real estate agents increases, the need for a good real estate photographer also increases. Consulting with a trusted team of real estate photographers is more important than ever. 

Virtual Tours: Transforming the Real Estate Industry

Virtual tours have become an essential part of the real estate industry. In fact, it provides various innovative opportunities for real estate marketers to show off their properties better. Traditionally, real estate inquiries and transactions require frequent in-person interactions. Real estate agents have found it very time-consuming for both the realtor and the clients. They realize that visiting the property can be very inconvenient especially if they come from far cities or states. Thus, the creation of virtual tours.

High-quality video tours allow realtors to showcase the property as if they were really there. Not just that, your online viewers can virtually visit multiple properties without having to leave their homes. Employing such an amazing digital marketing strategy allows you to generate more leads and gain more trust. This can be of great help to long-distance buyers who are planning to relocate to a different state or country.

Many top real estate providers agree that virtual tours have been part of their real estate business success. They also said virtual tours are not just about shooting every corner of your listing. They also include virtual staging where you can add some eye-catching furniture and decor. This will provide your buyers with a more appealing and cozy look of your property. 

Top 3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Tour Company

  1. What are the types of equipment you use?

One of the most important things to consider in choosing the best virtual tour provider is the type of equipment they are using. This is because the type of equipment being used has something to do with the final output. For instance, if you only use a typical smart phone’s camera, you’ll only come up with dark and pixelated videos that may not be suitable for advertising. Seek a reliable virtual tour provider in Tulsa. REPT is equipped with state-of-the-art and high-quality tools like drones and DSLR.

  1. Do you have a portfolio of your previous works?

Since most virtual tour companies today are working online, having impressive compilations of previous works on their website is important. Also, most homebuyers prefer to visit your webpage to check the kind of service you can provide. With that, you need to look for a company that has proof of commendable accomplishments. 

  1. Do you have insurance?

Unexpected accidents can happen at the most unexpected time. Thus, it is always a good thing to ensure everyone’s safety when unnecessary incidents occur during the shooting process. At REPT, you don’t have to worry about shouldering huge hospital bills and damaged equipment because we carry liability insurance.

When it comes to dependable and high-quality virtual tour services for your real estate, REPT is your best choice. We have the best team to bring your dull spaces to life. For more information visit our website at and take your first steps to success now!