Technology has advanced in more ways than we can imagine. To think, even our mobile phones have given us the ability to take stunning pictures. As such, some Realtors might be fooled into thinking that a smartphone is adequate to take magnificent real estate images. One’s concern raises another question: what if you want to take an aerial shot of the real estate property? Indeed, buying a smartphone or even a professional SLR camera would not be enough for that. And hiring a helicopter is pretty much out of the question, given that helicopter rentals can become woefully expensive as well. Tulsa city’s abundance of art deco structures and nouveau-riche architecture gives real estate photographers a challenge. Happily, this is where drone photography comes into play. Tulsa residents, don’t fear! Real estate drone photography is here for the residents of Tulsa. 

Why Use Drone Photography?

Drone photography is not new. The earliest forms of drone photography started in 1909, when the first aerial photograph of a military field at Centocelle, Rome, was taken from an airplane. Real estate photography began in 1984, and its primary purpose was to be used on flyers. 

Although drone photography may sound like a marketing ploy. A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with an attached camera. Drones are controlled by a ground-based controller. But although it can be purchased by anyone, flying them is another thing. Some countries have legislation stating that a drone pilot should be licensed first before flying them. Drone photography promises to combine two things that almost everyone wants: flying and seeing beautiful sights. Drone photographs showcase much more than just a regular picture. 

Why should you use drones to photograph real estate in Tulsa?

With that in mind, why should the residents of Tulsa utilize drones for their real estate photographs? Simple. They capture the beauty of architecture that would not be the same with stock photography. 

Utilizing modern technology

There’s nothing wrong with embracing technology as a whole, and the same could be said with real estate photography. It’s not just for photography but architecture as well. Modern art deco architecture, mixed with drone photography, is the best way to showcase just that. Using the drone to take aerial photographs, it will show more than just the real estate property itself, but the neighborhood. 

Drone photography is the way of the future, moreso when it comes to real estate photography. Are you a resident of Tulsa that’s looking to sell their property? Do you want to show future buyers a new perspective of your listed home? If so, then Real Estate Photography Tulsa might be the service you’re looking for! We provide a real estate photography service, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Why not give us a call now to learn more about what we offer? Visit our website today at