How to Sell YOUR Tulsa Home with Real Estate Photography

The housing market of Tulsa has finally recovered from the brutal recession. Yet, more and more residents of Tula, OK and its surrounding area are renting rather than buying. In a market catered to renters, how do you sell your home for what it’s worth? Marketing a home by yourself or with a realtor has many steps, but there are a variety of guaranteed ways to secure the sale.

Real Estate Photography is Key

A majority of buyers or renters begin their search for homes online. This means that the first impression of a property comes from its photos. Low-quality photos lack in accuracy, giving potential candidates the wrong idea of how a home looks inside and out. High-quality images have the potential to raise listing prices as well as promote faster sales. Professional photos also create a great first impression for the seller!

Great photos make easy content for your digital platforms. Whether you’re a seller, realtor or agency selling a home, social media is essential to making the sale. These photos make up a majority of what followers will see. The better the photos, the more praise and engagement. These photos provide you with tools that goes beyond your current listings.

Home owners need to have transparency and professionalism in their listings. The best way to represent this is through investing in quality real estate photography.

Types of Real Estate Photography Services

There are a variety of types of services for real estate photography. These services often include the interior, exterior, and even aerial footage of a home. Each have their own strengths and benefits to add to your listing.

  • Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography services provide you with the standard, high-quality photos you need. These photos are sure to wow potential buyers, whether they be for listings or even social media. Interior and exterior photos are standard for this service. Occasionally these types of services will include aerial photos of properties as well.

  • Real Estate Drone Photography

Drone photography is new but a high rising trend in the market. Real estate drone photography provides the perfect aerial view for any property. From a bird’s eye view, you can capture the true essence of a home. Views of the surrounding neighborhood help buyers see the bigger picture. It’s a great way to showcase the high scenic value of a listing to ensure you can list as high as possible.

  • Video Tours

Video tours for real estate photography are the bread and butter of home listings. They highlight the rooms, layout and essential details of a property in a user-friendly way. Video tours are great for locals interested in attending open houses, but also for non-locals interested in relocating to the area.

If you’re ready to take the next step towards selling your home, consider Tulsa Photography Services for your real estate photography needs. Give us a call at (918) 872-0075 to begin your real estate photography journey!