Drones are becoming more and more important to different industries. The first drones were actually invented for the military during World War I in 1918. They were used as predecessors to cruise missiles and scouting equipment against enemies. More recently, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been used to silently monitor from above. Drones are very easy to control and manipulate from a distance, so naturally they’ve grown beyond their initial purposes. Many business owners realize their usefulness, including real estate agents. Today, real estate drone photography is one of the most sought-after types of photography among agents and developers in Broken Arrow and worldwide.

Why Real Estate Drone Photography is a Must 

Drone photography can get unique, high quality shots of properties from angles rarely achievable a generation ago. Of course, the primary goal of real estate photography is to create captivating, scroll-stopping content for potential buyers.  Taking photos from above provides viewers with striking shots of a property and its surrounding area. For instance, if your property is for sale around Broken Arrow, chances are your potential buyers will want to see pictures of the neighborhood and surrounding community before they make a decision. 

With improved drone technology, many competitive real estate agents around Broken Arrow take advantage of UAVs to enhance their marketing techniques. However, many people are not aware that the use of drones to get great imagery requires expertise. So if you’re planning to level up your real estate marketing, make sure to consider hiring a professional drone pilot. Commonly, drone pilots supply the necessary equipment, so you don’t need to spend money to buy a drone if you decide to add arial photos to your marketing repertoire. 

Another advantage of hiring a drone photographer is that you don’t have to learn all the dos and don’ts of drone use. For example, you should never operate drones near airports or any fields with aircraft. Also, make sure to keep drones at least 150 ft away from people or property. This is really an important rule in using drones for real estate purposes. Lastly, do not exceed elevations of 400ft (it’s the law!). Luckily, you can achieve safe and quality drone photography with proper guidance from professionals.  

Important Points to Consider When Choosing the Best Drone Photography Provider

Today, drones are becoming increasingly useful in different industries. The real estate industry has completely adopted the use of drones to highlight properties for sale from a much different perspective. Showcasing the property exterior and the surrounding neighborhood can help a potential buyer determine whether the property meets their needs.    

The following are important points to consider before choosing the best real estate drone photography provider:


Of course, the ultimate reason why you’re hiring a drone photography provider is to increase your listing demands and sales- not cost you money or credibility. Make sure to choose one that’s insured! Feel free to ask your drone photographer about the insurance they carry. You don’t want to find yourself held liable for an accident!


Along with searching for the best drone photography company, you’ll want to make sure that they have the best equipment for the job. Having the most expensive drone doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality of output will be better. The skill and knowledge of the drone photographer you choose is still a significant factor in the result. Aside from high-quality drones and cameras, the need for editing equipment is also important. Raw images and videos still require post-production work. 

Type of Drone Services

Another important thing is to find a drone photographer that offers both quality photography and videography services. Make sure that the type of aerial photography they provide matches your goal. Take note that using drones for real estate purposes is very different from shooting sports events. You want a photographer experienced in the type of photography you need.

Photography Samples

You can get a feel for your photographer’s work by checking out their website, obviously, but  there’s no shame in asking for more samples. Moreover, photography and videography are two different things. So make sure that their portfolio consists of jaw-dropping drone images and videos.

Professional photographs of your property are essential to keep up in this competitive market. Get the best quality of real estate drone photography by choosing REPT! We have the best team of photographers in the Broken Arrow area, and we turn projects around FAST. 

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